Why do you need a coach ?

Take a break for a moment. Look around you. You will see or remember those people who helped you learn, grow, develop, and become the person you are today. Your company, your boss, your mentor, your team, your family have all, more or less, contributed to your personal journey. However, and you are no doubt aware of this as you read this, there is a limit to what these people can do for you.
Take a break for a moment. Look inside yourself. In your quest for growth, fulfilment, and success, stop to think about what truly defines you, and then what is best for you. Everybody has their own conception of success... and it is up to you, and to you alone, to make this leap and go from good to better, from great to excellent.

Coaching begins to some extent with self-awareness, with the sentiment that there is a lack of impetus in achieving your goal. Coaching isn't therapy in the sense that it doesn't arise from the context of pain. Coaches work in the here and now towards a future objective, and not in the past to restore physiological balance.

Last but not least, your coach is a facilitator who will support you for a certain period so you can find YOUR answers. Guided by their questions, direction and support, you can thus channel your energy, expand the field of possibilities and take a new look at what's holding you back so you can overcome it, and get closer and closer to your objective day by day.

Who am I ?

I was born on 16 December, 1955, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. My initial academic career at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Reims (class of 1980) was then supplemented by internal training or certification in complementary fields, from the Management of Distribution Networks, Change Management and Interactive Management to Compliance and Business Management. After retiring in 2017 after an intense marketing and sales career, then over 17 years in Management of Business Units (in France as well as abroad) for a benchmark Company, I then took up a new challenge, mobilising my experience, my expertise and my knowledge to support you in achieving your personal and professional goals.
As a certified coach from the International Coaching and Mentoring Centre (CIC) and author of a thesis during this training course on the theme of Lightness, Softness and Presence in Coaching, I deploy my own vision of my profession on a daily basis, drawing on both extensive operational experience in management and change management as well as my knowledge of specialised professions that act in synergy. I look forward to working together on the exciting challenge of unlocking your full potential while respecting your uniqueness. On the schedule: discovery and identification of your strengths as well as areas for improvement. Concrete definition of your life goals. Development of the method we need to use... then support with achieving your personal and professional objectives through discussion.
"Then the mind looks neither forward nor backward.
Our happiness lies in the present alone"


Deontological and ethical benchmarks
Together, let's pave the way for personal and collective success.

I strive to perpetuate the excellence of coaching by complying with the deontological and ethical benchmarks of my profession. The ethics code is an integral part of the contract that I give my clients.

This commitment is part of my CIC - RNCP level 7 - Training at the International Coaching and Mentoring Centre (CIC) certification.
  • I respect the agreed confidentiality of all information relating to my clients ;
  • I keep all records and corresponding data in a safe place ;
  • I commit myself not to exceed the limits of my skills and my field of work ;
  • I commit to continuous learning so that my clients benefit from the latest innovations ;
  • I actively contribute to the professional community through research and feedback.


Develop with your peers synergistically.

Because it is a driver of change, a powerful tool for mobilisation, commitment and dynamisation, coaching is a huge help towards a positive collective. My coaching approach for team or group support helps stimulate a great dynamic and promote the kind of collective intelligence that gives you wings !

Contact us

Phone : 06 14 55 92 48
Address : Lieu dit La Charbonnière - 24200 Carsac Aillac

Depending on the case and the options available, I offer you individual coaching sessions remotely (via Skype for example) or at home, at your office or in any other place that suits you.